Ever since I was 16 and learned to plug a computer into a stereo, I've been learning about recording, producing, mixing, software and anything I can about producing music within and without computers.

So ten years ago with Fruity Loops 3 and some CD's I nabbed from my parents, I made these, my first ever beats. I thought I'd share them you - be aware some of them are pretty simple but they're good for a listen. All I've done since making them was master them quickly and tweak out a bit of the ridiculous bass that was in them!


They were used a few years later by Shae Sterling in the short film "Cruisin'" which was a part of the bestselling DVD series High Octane.
Cruisin' on youtube

I'll post some more stories about how these humble beginnings evolved into the Kitchen Recording Studio

Recording and Mixing Kolab's EP 'STANDARDS'

Right now I'm working on several projects. Alongside my own music I'm recording and mixing Kolab's new EP 'Standards'. Which will be released in Europe under German label Ki records in 2011 and in NZ in July 2010.

We have tracked all the vocals and horns, and recorded all the beats. Now we are entering into the mix phase, maximizing the sounds we've captured and putting it all together so that it works as art and sonics combined.

Stay tuned for more - you can catch Kolab playing some of their EP tracks at Homebrew's fundraiser this Saturday the 17th April - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mikey-Rockwell/15579278449#!/event.php?eid=109112395785974&ref=ts